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When is the best time to start
Organic Treatments?
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The benefit of organic products is that we have matched specific products to the unique phases of the growing cycle. Our products provide the best treatment no matter when you start our program. If you begin in the growing season, your lawn and plants will receive the best organic fertilization products available. But the dormant time is just as important in the overall health and beauty of your grass and plants. Our unique microbial amendments condition the soil, feed the worms, and get your yard ready for the next growing season. No matter when you start our year round program was developed to meet the unique needs of each season.

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I use chemical lawn products now! Why should I change?

Organic Lawn & Pasture provides an alternative to existing lawn care. Organic soil amendments are a better alternative to chemical lawn products. Rich in nitrogen fixing micro-organisms, enzymes, and micro-nutrients, our products increase the tilth and richness of your lawn and garden.

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Are Organics harmful to the health of my children? What about my pets?

Organics are not harmful to the health of humans, animals and beneficial insects. The soil environment, ground water and air are not damaged by organic applications. The microorganisms and nutrients are beneficial to supporting the ecology cycle and the cycle of life in the plant and animal kingdom.

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Do I have to replenish my soil every year?

Organics bring new life into the soil, which allows you to stop replenishing soil nutrients with artificial chemicals or having to haul in new soil every year to plant flowers and vegetables.

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How long does it take for organics to take effect?

Organic soil amendments, fertilizers, and teas, unlike synthethic chemicals which give temporary good conditions to your lawn, take one to three years to recondition your lawn. The time depends on how long the existing lawn has been taking in harmful chemicals which have depleted the soil nutrients. The soil has to replenish with natural micoorganisms and nutrients.

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